TESK is industrial adhesive maker in Japan.
We Provides UV curable resin and epoxy resin for a wide range of applications.
We can provide high performance products to you with our counsel .

  • We can recommend you products from our large quantity of adhesive.
  • We can advice you about any problems with adhesive.
  • The shortest time of research and development is 2 weeks.
  • Solve your problem more rapidly.
  • Can improve the adhesive you are using now.
  • We use the assembly line system to give you the lowest price.
Please contact us

308-15 Simoongata-cho Hachioji-shi Tokyo JAPAN 192-0154
TEL 0426-51-6963,FAX 0426-51-6973
E-MALE: che4ye3@tesk.co.jp

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